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Solar pumping solutions

Solar pumps are a combination of PV panels and a pump to suit your purpose.  LJW Solar supplies and installs a range of systems to suit your needs. 

There are 5 reasons solar pumps make sense:

1. No Wires. This is by far the biggest bonus about Solar Pumping. Often a bore hole is not right next to a power source. This means the standard options are to either run cables down to the bore hole site or put a generator at the site to power a pump. Solar pumps save money by providing a reliable power source that doesn’t require high expense, long trenches, cables that are likely to be affected by lightning,

2. Pump Every Day without having to be turned on or off

3. Are Very Cost effective

4. Are reliable and safe

5. Can suit any application


Pumps for irrigation and farming

Pumping water around takes a lot of energy and in many cases, it's not practical to connect mains power in remote locations. Plus, solar pumping  gives you an unlimited supply of power while the sun is shining. 

Pumps for swimming pools

Pumping takes a lot of energy, and even when you are connected to the grid, that energy costs money. Solar pumps with power provided by photovoltaic panels means you decrease your power bills. They offer a great return on investment. 

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