Why use Tracking Systems?

Solar Tracking is a way to increase the performance of a solar array by more than 40%. Solar panels perform best when they are facing directly towards the sun.  When solar Tracking is used for off grid systems there are a number of advantages. The additional hours of charging will increase the longevity of the batteries. The extended life of the batteries will keep the running costs of the system lower. Your batteries will be charged earlier in the day resulting in more usable power available without drawing down on the batteries.

How do they work?

Solar Trackers follow the path of the sun from sun rise to sun set rotating 160 degrees each day.

Solar Trackers are also able to be adjusted to the different seasons. When the sun is high in the sky for summer the panels need to be facing almost straight up. In the winter when the sun is lower the panels need to be tilted to the north, (in the northern hemisphere trackers face south). Solar Trackers can also improve the performance of a solar water pump up to 65%.

What are Tracking Systems?

Solar Trackers come in a range of sizes from 6 to 60 panels. The frame and head assembly are mounted to a pole which is concreted into the ground. The panels are bolted to the frame. There are two axis points, one for daily movement and the second for seasonal adjustment. On larger units the seasonal adjustment is automatic. The daily movement is computer controlled and driven by an actuator. The actuator is programed for the location of the site to automatically follow the sun’s path. All of the components are weather proof and the metal structure is galvanised steel. The power to run the actuator is supplied from either the off grid power supply or a separate power pack.