We have built a reputation over many years in the industry with Clients for our problem solving and rectification skills, insurance work, upgrading solutions and system repairs, on all types of Solar systems; Grid, Off Grid, Hybrid, Commercial and Solar Farms.

Having been in the solar industry for this long we understand that sometimes things do go wrong such as:

  • Unsafe wiring – either from a poor installation; vermin; as well as age
  • Damaged or deteriorating panels
  • Solar inverter fault – not working or showing warning lights
  • Damage from lightning strikes and other severe weather events
  • Generally poor performance

Maintaining your system

As one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the industry we know that effective maintenance is part of continuing to make your solar power an effective investment.

To keep your system operating to its full potential we recommend you maintain your system by getting an annual health check.

Our experienced service team will conduct a comprehensive health check.

This includes the following:

  • Clean Panels
  • Polarity Test – Instrumental
  • Check Connections between panels and cables – Visual
  • Check Connections between panels and inverter – Visual
  • Open Circuit Voltage Test – Instrumental
  • Clamp Meter Current Test DC Side – Instrumental
  • Check Connections between inverter and AC – Visual
  • Clamp Meter Current Test AC Side – Instrumental
  • Check inverter operation – Functional
  • Check Circuit Breakers – Visual/Functional
  • Clean Inverter heat sinks if required – Visual
  • Ensure Systems operating efficiency – Visual/Functional
  • Complete a maintenance Log on completion, signed, dated.
  • Shade report

After our “System Health Check” we have seen system performance increase by up to 30% Therefore a 30% increase in earnings from the system! That is an extra $$$ per kilowatt per year in your pocket.

If your system is in need of a repair or a health check we are more than happy to help out, feel free to contact us.