We specialise in distributing quality reliable solar pumps and equipment for a variety of applications. Our products are distributed through a growing number of outlets around the country. We endeavour to make our pumps as easy as possible for self-installation, saving both time & money in waiting for an installer to access remote locations.

Our range includes submersible helical rotor & centrifugal pumps which can be used for bores, creeks, dams and surface mounted pumps.

Our team design, supply and install solar pumping systems specific to your water needs

Getting grid power to a location where you need a pump is often not cost effective or practical. Whether you have a dam down the hill; a bore in the field; or a tank at the end of your property, in most cases you cannot choose the location of your pump. You can, however, choose the power source.

Solar energy as a power source for water pumping is an ideal solution where water is required and it’s difficult to get mains power to the pump location. Solar pump systems can also be configured as ‘hybrid’ systems and incorporate an additional power source, e.g. a generator or battery storage.