We can help you choose the system that is right for you based on your power needs, your roof size, orientation and other factors about your home (such as potential shading).

What is a grid connect System?

Grid Connect solar systems are called a variety of things including on-grid, grid-connected and grid-tie. These all relate to a system where a home will already be connected to the mains supplied power. The addition of solar will either reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be used from the grid, or in the case of a larger system, actually export excess power back to the grid as well.

Grid Connect systems are not a power storage system. They don’t use batteries, unlike the Hybrid or Battery Storage Grid Connect System. They make power from the sun when the sun is out, send it into the house [load] and any extra power [the balance] needed for the house, such as at night time will be supplied from the grid.

How does it work?

The basic function of a solar system and its components is to create energy from sunlight. Panels convert the energy in light to DC current which then runs to an inverter which converts to AC power. This power is then firstly used in your house and any excess exported to the grid.

This will then either reduce your import of power from the grid (thereby saving money) or exporting power to the grid (thereby making money, which is deducted from your power bill).

We also offer complete monitoring systems which allows you to see real time data on your system performance as well as your household consumption.

Because there have been several changes in the last few years with solar power, we recommend you contact us for a clear explanation about what solar power will do for you. This varies from state to state.