Commercial solar is a specialized field, and it is important to have an experienced partner.

LJW solar has completed many commercial projects throughout the years.

We can customize a solution for you and discuss the system components and design principles we use, including: panel choice, inverter choice, framing, orientation and monitoring.

We are finding that the price of installing solar is falling, and it has reached Grid Parity. Grid Parity means that it is the same price or cheaper for businesses to use solar power than it is to buy power from the grid. This means that solar power has moved from principally a green initiative to a solid investment for businesses, particularly as most business hours of operation are similar to those of Solar generation.

We understand that solar is all about pay-back & return on investment, and in order to understand its financial performance we offer financial modelling as a service.

With some key pieces of data we are able to prepare an itemised report which will list the year by year return on investment for the particular system size and capital outlay.