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Solar system checks for safety and performance

LJW Solar performs all types of repairs and maintenance of solar equipment. 


Do you have problems with your solar system?


Here's what can go wrong with solar systems: 

  • Unsafe wiring - either from a poor installation or from something that occured
  • Broken panels
  • Solar inverter fault - not working or showing warning lights
  • Damage from lightning strikes
  • Generally poor performance

There's basically 2 scenarios where we can help

  1. A breakage or damage of some sort 
  2. Generally low performance or overal concern that it is not performing as planned. 

This could be a range of things: a faulty inverter, or you have an inverter that is commonly associated with faults (such as Aerosharp inverters) or from a company that is no longer operating (such as Rewind Energy). Any of these might meanyou need a solar system repair. 

When the situation occurs as a result of an incident, we often work with the insurance company to rectify the system. 

It may be that you have a system, and the company that sold it is no longer in business - in this case people rely on our 30 years of experience in order to get themselves up and running. 

The recent popularity of solar has meant that hundreds of companies started up in order to install solar and take advantage of the demand in selling PV systems. 


Results from an audit in June 2011 by NSW Fair Trading 

658 solar panel systems were inspected

  • 122 (18.5%) were found to have major defects
  • 418 (63.5%) were found to have minor defects
  • 118 (18%) were found to have no defects. 

In the last few years leading the industry has been busy. Companies have been installing jobs at a dizzying rate - often outsourcing ALL their electrical work. The quality of installations from different companies varies immensely, and this is causing all kinds of problems. 

LJW Solar uses its own staff for installation. This means customers get a quality job, as opposed to sourcing the lowest price installer, which is the way that most of the industry has been run. 

With some government assistance being wound back this has a few implications for you and your solar system:

  • The company you bought it from is probably not who installed it - subcontracting is the norm in solar. (not with LJW Solar)
  • The company you bought it from may not exist any more. (around 60% have closed and many more have almost stopped business)
  • There have been several regulatory changes in regards to key components, which means there have been many systems installed incorrectly. 
  • In a recent Dept of Fair Trading audit of systems, around 30% had defects. Most were minor (as minor as incorrect labelling). 
  • In recent ORER actions, one installer was caught having installed 705 systems without a qualified installer on site. 
  • There are many minor components in your system which have been known to fail in less than 5 years. 

How is your system? 

LJW Solar has a service team that will conduct a safety inspection on your system and clean your panels. 

This will give you the reassurance that your system is safely installed.

Plus, our experience is that the cleaning of the panels can increase performance from 5 - 20%.  So, depending on the size of your system and the feed in tariff you are on, it might make a difference of hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a year. Imagine someone with a 10 kw system under the 60c NSW feed in tariff - a 10% increase in performance could be worth $1000 per year! Many people don't know what their system SHOULD produce, so they don't know if they are losing money that should be theirs. 

Call now to book in an inspection, and be sure your system is safe and performing well - Telephone (02) 9652 5000 

We carry out a 19 point safety check (including cleaning your panels)

LJW Solar offers Safety and Performance checks starting from around $200 depending on the system size. 

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