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Anlysis and monitoring

There's two main reasons to look at monitoring 

1. Before installation 

The amount of power you use should be the deciding factor in what size system you install. 

In fact, we find that due to misunderstanding the impact of the net feedin tariff, most people we speak to have received poor advice from other solar companies... and as a result believe that they need a larger system than they actually do. 

Here is an explanation of the NSW Net Feed in tariff: 

We can accurately predict the solar production, so what matters is the question mark around your usage. 

You can clearly know your overall usage from your bill... but the pattern of usage throughout the day matters most of all -and that is not on your bill. 

For a fee of $350 including GST we will install an accurate monitor on your premises and at the end of two weeks remove it and analyse the data. From this, you will know what system size is right for you... without guessing. 

If you purchase a system from us, the full cost of this service is credited against your system purchase. 

This is useful for commercial as well as residential proposed installs. 

As far as we know, NO ONE else is offering this rigourous and accurate method of determing the optimal system size. 

2. After installation 

After installation you may wish to see 2 sets of data - your overall consumption of power and your overall production of solar power. You have two options for this.

We install a separate device and that has a remote display in your house.


We install an all in one system that provides all the data acquired securely online for you to utilize.


Many monitoring systems only give you one half of this equation (solar output). We make sure that you get info on BOTH. 

This can be used by you, or displayed in your business premises for all to see. 

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