Residential Solar Panel Installation Sydney


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The time is right to choose solar power in Sydney

It is time to go solar!

The rising price of power in NSW makes solar power a great investment in your future. 

There are power price rises of between 16-18% per year predicted for the next few years, so if you are unhappy with your power bill now... it will certainly get worse!

Solar power let's you offset the rising cost of power by producing your own.  

Panels are  getting less expensive, so the cost of going solar has never been better. 

Get some knowledge

This whole web site is intended to give you information on how to make an educated choice about the right system for you.  Please check out our news section for information on all aspects of solar. 

Choose wisely

Advice is essential when choosing the right solar system and the right components. 

So what is the right system?  Why not downloaad our guide from this web site, or speak one of our consultants on 1300 792 011. 

If you are looking for solar power in Sydney, LJW has over 25 years of experience to support you.

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