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Rural and Farm Solar Power

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Specialists in stand alone (off grid) power.

LJW Solar has  been installing off grid power since 1982. This means that no one knows solar like we do. 

LJW Solar began as a specialist in off-grid this field, and is still a leader today. Very few companies provide the expertise needed. We often hear from people who have inquired about stand alone power with another solar company and  have been given no answers, half answers, or have been mislead. It is not the type of thing that a company can just make a sideways shift into. It is a highly technical field that involves separate training and specialist installers. 

LJW  has specialist staff for stand alone power, as well as staff that “walk the talk” and actually live off grid. 

Off Grid – Stand Alone Power - Remote Area Power Systems

For a lot of people, connecting to the grid is either very difficult, or very expensive.

Once upon a time, the power companies used to contribute to the cost of connecting power to a new home.

As companies have privatised, and the principle of ‘user pays’ has taken hold the cost of connecting a new house to mains supplied power in rural areas has increased massively. We often hear examples of people that have been quoted over $100,000 to connect to the grid. In one case a customer had been quoted just over $10,000 a few years ago and when they reinvestigated it, the quote was now over $50,000!  This is why stand alone power is needed.

In other cases, due to location, connecting to mains power may have never been an option. In some cases, the quoted cost from the grid owner for connection was enough to pay for a complete off grid system that would give them free power!

The main difference between on and off grid systems is that :

  • Off grid power is not a backup. It is everything.
  • The system must allow for storage (batteries)
  • The system must integrate power production, power use, system information and system health
  • System design and matching to user needs is critical
  • The system can allow for backup power from another source (such as a generator).
  • Not every solar company can provide off grid power.
  • There are additional system components
  • Because the systems are often rural, we often use space other than roofs  
  • We often recommend sun-tracking systems due to the increased output <click here for more>
  • It is harder to make guesses about costs, as systems need to be designed rather than pulled off  a shelf.
  • There is increased maintenance and ongoing attention needed.
  • The choice of components is even more important than for on-grid.

Stand Alone Power is substantially more expensive than a conventional “on grid” system. Prices for systems can increase substantially based on your power demand, pattern of consumption, required days of autonomy and the use of a backup power system such as a generator.

If you would like to discuss your needs with one of our consultants, please call us  The first step will be a load analysis which you can download and complete.

If you have an existing system and would like some advice on upgrading or maintaining it, please call us for a discussion.



If you need a quote on a system

When we look at a stand-alone systems there are a number of factors to take into consideration. It is very important to know as much about power required and the living habits of the owners. We are able to design systems from very small to very large. Systems can be designed to be up graded when the family grows or when more power is required. When completing the load analysis it is advised to start with the most important items and finish with the least important. If you have a site plan and photos you can send me it all helps customise the system to suit. Keep in mind when selecting electrical items to run on SAP that they need to be as efficient as possible. Also remember that gas is a far better option for heating and cooking. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

What makes up a system?

  • Solar panels
  • Regulator
  • Datalogger
  • Gel Batteries/Lead Acid
  • Home Monitoring
  • LJW Solar Sun-Tracker system or fixed on roof
  • Inverter and Charger

Call us now to determine your power needs. Every household has different needs, we can design a standalone solution to fit your life style, or upgrade your system to meet the growth needs of your family or business.

Act now to

  • Save money on Power
  • Do your part for the planet
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  • Understand the latest Government plans for clean energy

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