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Off grid solar power - LJW have been installing remote area power systems (RAPS) since 1982

Many people living away from urban centres face a large cost in connecting to the grid. 

It used to be that part (or all) of this connection was carried by the owner of the grid. Now, for every potential connection a quote is done, and these quotes are often very high. We often hear stories of people being quoted over $100,000 for connection to the grid. 

An option to connecting to the grid is to create your own power and be self sufficient.  

So generally people's motivation is necessity. It is a completely different motivation than grid-connect solar power or commercial solar power. 

This is the field that LJW Solar started from back in 1982, and we have continued with ever since. 

Off grid power requires some special expertise.  While there are many hundreds of companies selling on-grid power, very few companies can design and build an off grid system correctly. 

The first step in choosing a system is a load analysis. Contact us now and we can help design a system for you, and discuss options such as backup power (generators) and the possibilities for panel placement (roof, groundmount or tracker systems). 

Rural on-grid solar power 

There are also situations where customers are connected to the grid, but are attracted to solar  for a variety of reasons:

  • Power supply may be unreliable and they want a backup system in place
  • They may be adding a new residence and the cost of connecting to the mains power is prohibitive.
  • There are specific functions that can be achieved with solar  systems  - such as pumping.
  • They pay a lot for power, and want to save money on this.

Because of the wide variety of products and services that LJW Solar offers, we have always had a relationship with the rural community.

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