Commercial Solar Power Installation Sydney

Council & Government

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Create a greener future | Renewable Energy for Councils

Councils and government departments often have a requirement to consider their environmental impact in relation to all their planning. 

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Solar power is one of the components in this planning along with other initiatives such as increased efficiency, passive design, lowering consumption and choice of materials. 

LJW Solar is able to assist with projects at all levels, including: 

  • System design
  • Analysis of output compared to usage
  • Installation
  • Compliance with all regulatory and OH & S guidelines
  • Metering - to get connected to the grid
  • Monitoring - to make sure the system is producing as planned
  • Handover documentation
  • Regular cleaning and safety inspections 

LJW Solar is happy to engage at a variety of levels including a Request for Quote or Tender Applications

We have succesfully completed projects for Councils and Government and have the expertise you need to make your project a success. 

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