Commercial Solar Power Installation Sydney


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Solar Power is a great idea for your business. It offers a payback in 5-7 years and has a lifetime of decades.

Why choose solar power?

  • Is the increasing cost of power affecting your bottom line?
  • Are your customers concerned about their environment?
  • Are you concerned about your company's carbon foot print?
  • Are you concerned about the potential cost of carbon trading?
  • Do you want the security of energy supply costs for your business?
  • Would you be interested in an investment in solar that pays substantial returns? 

Examples of commercial installations - click here... 

Commercial Solar Power

Consultation on your system design and potential solutions

We can design a solution for your business or install a system to meet your specific needs.With 25 years in the renewable energy industry we can provide you with a wealth of experience, a long term, clean energy solution and the ability to change the way your customers view your business.

Take the first step today
  • Enhance your company's image
  • Do your part for the planet
  • Reduce your power costs
  • Invest in a long life asset
  • Take advantage of tax benefits and government rebates

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